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Lai supports you with pelvic floor training. It  is not necessarily about building up great strength. In particular, people who are tense benefit from mindful playing with balls. This is about feeling and relaxing, increasing sensitivity and practicing "taking in". 

Of course, the ball can also aktiv vaginally trained or played by controlling the various muscles of the pelvic floor. There is also stimulation  through passive wearing.

Due to the individual situation, it is advisable to start with a few minutes of wearing time and increase if necessary. If you are unsure, ask a physical therapist or healthcare professional for advice.


Lai is very robust due to the full cast production and the stable shape. The love ball weighs about 60 grams. As a weight, it trains the lower muscles, as a play ball, it strengthens the various muscle layers. Can you make them wander?


Griff – Lai can be grasped for insertion through the small indentations. However, the handle is not absolutely necessary to remove it: Get into a relaxed position and and  let the ball slide out. The pelvic floor is often affected subconsciously, so don't panic if she doesn't want to get out yet or is out of reach. The bullet cannot get lost in your vagina and can wait for your pelvic floor to relax.

Loveball Lai

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  • Maße
    Länge: ca. 51 mm
    Breiteste Stelle: ca. 33mm

    Gewicht: ca. 60 Gramm



Temperature Play - The game with hot and cold.
This type of game belongs to BDSM with its pleasure-pain potential and can be an interesting tool when playing with power.
But goosebumps are not only possible in a kinky context: a tingling coolness or cozy warmth opens up scope all over the body.
Whether ice cubes, warm massage oil or the porcelain toy - it's worth experimenting!


Notes on using Porzelina Toys

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Whether alone, as a couple or with several... Porzelinas Toys are a bonus in all possible constellations! To give the game a kinky accent, it's worth including temperature. Your desired temperature can be easily adjusted: warm or cold water, in the fridge, on the heater, in the sun, on the hot water bottle, the grain pillow... Important: Test the temperature of the toy (e.g. on your wrist) before you play. For safety reasons it should not be outside 8-45°C. To avoid damage, do not come into contact with boiling water and do not place in the freezer. Then nothing stands in the way of the game!

fallender Porzellandildo.jpg

Our toys are designed to be safe for their intended use. However, there are situations in which they can be damaged. To keep the pleasure of the product for a long time: • When using with lubricants, oils or cleaning with soap, make sure they do not slip out of your hand • Two ceramic toys (or similar hard toys) must not be used at the same time • Before use, please always check for damage and do not use if cracked, broken, etc.

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Porzelina products are easy to clean: water and a little soap is enough. Toycleaner can also be used for this purpose. Because of the gliding properties, be careful here, as they can easily slip out of your hand. Your toys are worth to be displayed! Whether on a shelf or in a showcase - the spotlight suits them well. Who likes it more discreetly prepares them simply soft place in the bedside table. So they are also ready for action in the sheets...

Buch & Sicherheit

beauty mark,

not "blemishes".

With our ideas and the eccentric design, we demand a lot from the traditional production method in order to make very special experiences possible. For this we have interposed one or the other unconventional extra work step.

Each product is stamped by the respective handwriting during the numerous manual steps  . Its manufacture and history becomes part of the product itself through these sympathetic traces. Beauty is not about artificial perfection,

but in authenticity.