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Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct at Porzelina

Majursa UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and the PORZELINA® brand produce and sell high-quality porcelain products with sustainability and fairness in mind. This code forms the basis of our business processes and decisions along the entire value chain, both at home and abroad. All our business processes, from the foundation to the finished product, will continue to take place in Europe. As we currently work exclusively with German companies, both for direct production (porcelain manufactories, packaging production) and in the case of our suppliers (third-party products such as slip or effect gels), the legal provisions for the protection of people and the environment are already guaranteed from the outset.

Our aim is to follow the principles of this Code of Conduct together with all business partners in the course of our work, also in the long term, and to continuously improve. In the case of international cooperation in particular, this means that if local laws are of a lower standard, we will continue to act in accordance with our Code in favor of human rights and environmental standards. Accordingly, we will continuously monitor the development of our processes.

The Code of Conduct at Porzelina


We place great emphasis on the protection and preservation of the environment. We and our business partnerships adhere to locally applicable environmental protection regulations or exceed them. At the same time, we commit to continuously work on the prevention and reduction of environmental impact. When selecting business partnerships, we prefer those that share or exceed our values and environmental goals. Details about our environmental aspects can be found here.


No Child Labor

We manufacture in Germany and do not employ any form of child labor. Our employees must never be younger than 16 years old. If the mandatory age for employment according to local regulations is higher than 16 years, the higher age applies accordingly. Additionally, underage employees must not perform tasks that jeopardize their health or safety. Our business partners must also comply with laws and regulations regarding the employment of young workers.


No Forced Labor

We do not tolerate slavery, prison labor, forced labor, or compulsory labor (according to the definition of ILO Conventions 29 and 105). Workers must be employed on a voluntary basis. Our employees should not be subjected to any form of physical or psychological violence in the workplace, and practices such as confiscation or retention of identification papers or other valuable items are prohibited.Health and SafetyAll employees must work in a safe and healthy working environment. Current health and safety standards in the workplace must be adhered to. Employers must provide necessary protective equipment and train their employees in using them. Access to clean sanitary facilities and drinking water is a fundamental requirement for a healthy and safe working environment.


Nonviolent Workplace

Mental health is an integral part of workplace safety and a significant factor for a good life. This includes the avoidance of psychological violence. Training helps minimize potential deficiencies and conflicts. Porzelina also provides a guide for nonviolent communication.


No Discrimination

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Every hiring and dismissal process, as well as salary policies, always adheres to the principle of equality. All personnel decisions must be made objectively—regardless of gender, origin, skin color, nationality, religion, political affiliation, union membership, deficiencies, or disabilities. Employees must never be discriminated against due to pregnancy or maternity.



We do not judge sexual preferences, as long as they align with the law and consent. Every individual is entitled to freely express themselves under these conditions, just as everyone is obligated to respect the personal boundaries of others. Like with all other sensitive information, we handle these personal details confidentially.


Freedom of Assembly and Association

Our employees and those of our business partnerships have the right to freedom of assembly and association. All employees are free to join or form a workers' organization of their choice and engage in collective bargaining without fear of negative consequences. In countries where the right to freedom of assembly and association is legally restricted, employees have the right to choose their own representatives and participate in negotiations.


Working Hours

Working hours must comply with applicable laws or, in case of deviation, be in favor of the employees. Overtime must be voluntary, should not exceed 12 hours per week, and must not be regularly demanded.


Cost of Living

Wages paid for a standard workweek must meet legal or industry minimum requirements and be sufficient to meet the basic needs of employees. Deductions from wages for disciplinary measures are not allowed. Employees must be informed adequately and clearly about their pay, wage rates, and pay periods.Legally Binding



Employment contracts must not circumvent the laws of the respective country. Additionally, apprentices or interns should not be hired unless there is an intention to instruct, impart skills, or hire them for the long term. We offer our employees the option to participate in training programs.



Unethical behavior in any form is not tolerated. Anyone aware of corruption or attempts at corruption is obligated to inform their superiors or the relevant authorities.TransparencyTransparency is crucial for us. All suppliers, including manufacturing and material suppliers, must share their production locations and details with us. Suppliers must inform us about the use of subcontractors. Suppliers must ensure that subcontractors are aware of and adhere to our Code of Conduct.Implementation and


Control of the Code of Conduct

It is important for us that the principles of our Code of Conduct are implemented at all levels and in all areas. We will regularly review the standards of the Code of Conduct and conduct unannounced tests if necessary.If there are concerns or knowledge of violations of this code, we encourage contact – optionally anonymously: info[at]

Alternatively, a form is available here:

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