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Keyhole Eindruck von Porzellan-Dildo Zel
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Allow me, my name is Alina and I am the founder of Porzelina. On behalf of the Porzelina team, I wish you a fulfilled sexuality and lots of fun browsing the site.

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Exercise in the ceramics course: plaster modelling. What can you carve out of plaster that somehow adds value? Decorations, pen holders, cups... No, anything with liquids is gone. Worst idea dildos, that would really be the most impractical of all. Wait a second, but as a template for the ceramic design? Off to the porcelain workshop...

Krefeld 2014 –

The origin of Porzelina

in the workshops of the HS Niederrhein.

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Thus, a casual idea became the first Porzelina-Dildo. Many design experiments followed. These controversial uniques were exhibited and intensely discussed. With much need for conversation and education about clitoris and co, which is still one of our most beautiful tasks. The brand is a play on words. "Oh Miss Porzelina again!". - But the co-student still had to explain the joke about it. "Porzelliner" is a german job title of people who make porcelain. Learned something again! Over the years, there were many learnings on topics such as ergonomics, sexuality and product development. In the master study it became then serious, because the idea was examined concerning the business background. The project brings together 8 years of experience and the new product line became the beginning of something really big.



Hygiene • Temperature • Skin friendliness • Ease of sliding • Hardness • Health • Environment

Porcelain is a wonderful material with an outstanding manufacturing process that offers its own design options. Since it is particularly skin-friendly and hygienic in glazed form, it is ideal for use as a sex toy. Of course, different materials also have different advantages: where silicone can be used to meet elastic requirements, porcelain offers simply different experiences in addition to its sustainability and health factor due to its hardness, ease of sliding and the temperature range.

A&C Bettlaken



Masturbation and sex are still considered shameful and unfortunately very often consumed instead of enjoyed. Porzelina's sensual collection wants to set new stimuli with unknown materials that encourage mindfulness. So that you can discover and start feeling again.


A little water and a soap is sufficient for cleaning. Be careful when doing this, as the products can easily slip out of your hands. Common toy cleaners are also compatible with the material. Do not boil or freeze.


Since the products are glazed, the surfaces are smooth and closed, which is well suited for sensitive skin. The material does not emit any volatile substances and does not absorb any foreign substances. They are suitable for people with allergies.


Porzelina toys are perfectly gliding and are compatible with all common lubricants.


It's worth trying the temperature play. Your desired temperature can be easily adjusted with warm or cold water, in the refrigerator, on the heater, in the sun, on the hot water bottle or the grain pillow. Important: Test the temperature before you play. For safety reasons, it should not be outside of 8-45°C.


The hardness of porcelain is just behind diamond. Due to the material and the production, the products are particularly insensitive compared to other ceramic sex toys.


How about a relaxing bath again? The Porzelina toys are a wonderful companion.

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What, porcelain is possibly not vegan?

Porcelain falls under the category of "ceramics". There are different types of porcelain, depending on the composition and  firing technique. The porcelain type "Bone China" is considered particularly "noble" and expensive and is actually not vegan because of the high proportion of bone ash. The addition makes the material more translucent and well suited for very thin walls.

At Porzelina we don't use bone ash and we don't care about the translucency. For sex toys with a clear conscience.

Statue mit Plastiktüte


The environment determines our decisions.

Plastic avoidance -  Porcelain does not require problematic resources, such as petroleum for plastics, and naturally gets by without plastic. When it comes to packaging, we avoid bubble wrap and the like, even if it regularly presents us with new challenges.

Non-toxic materials - According to Stiftung Warentest, only 3 out of 18 sex toys are free of harmful substances. The vast majority of products are not only a health problem because of contact with sensitive mucous membranes, but also pose an environmental problem. If porcelain products end up in nature, they can stay there without any problems because they do not break down into microplastics.

Longevity - Porcelain does not age and therefore has a very long life cycle. It is much more resistant than the earthenware that we know from household crockery, for example.

Short distances - 100% Made in Germany - from the design to the product to the packaging, every work step is in Germany. For example, our design is based in North Rhine-Westphalia and we produce in Bavarian  manufactories.

Fairness - For us, this doesn't just mean fair working conditions in production. In every cooperation, we focus on fair and harmonious cooperation. We produce in Germany in traditional porcelain manufactories.

Transparency is very important to us, as the sex toy industry itself is rather intransparent. So if we haven't been able to answer something yet, feel free to ask us your questions personally. Write us here.




The Porzelina products are made in two traditional porcelain manufactories. In this way, none of the small production facilities makes itself dependent and production can be controlled more flexibly.

There is an almost meditative mood during the elaborate production and we are happy if this calmness and mindfulness resonates with you.  At the various stations, each individual product is made entirely by hand.

Porzellan Manufaktur


How is the desired porcelain made from kaolin, quartz and feldspat? It is created in our manufactories using a casting process. The ingredients are mixed with water to form a velvety casting compound. It is poured into plaster molds and settles on the contact surface with the plaster. In the case of hollow casting, a liquid residue remains after some time, which is returned to the cycle.

Gießstation Porzellan-Dildo Sextoys.jpg


Hollow porcelain always needs an opening so that the product does not burst during firing. We want to create a completely closed product and so that we don't have to use plastic stoppers, we decided to use some unusual production steps. Floor adjustment is one of them. Here, manual rework is carried out after demoulding. In addition, the parts are smoothed at the seams.

Fertigung Porzellan-Dildo.jpg


After drying for several days, the cast object is pre-fired to prepare it for glazing. At this point, the surface is fine-pored and matt. In our case, the objects are dipped in glazing liquid after this first firing.



The glazed products are finally burned in large kilns together with other products from the manufactory. At this point, the beautiful glossy surface is created.

Porzellandildo Zel.jpg


For us, continuous quality assurance does not mean "high rejects". If a product does not turn out perfectly during casting, the material is simply dissolved again and returned to the cycle.
If something goes wrong during the fire, the objects are shredded and continue on in the recycling process.

Clay an Händen mit Porzellan-Reste.jpeg


The finished object can only be assessed when the products come out of the oven. At this point, defective outliers are discarded. The second check takes place at Porzelina's premises. Here it may be that we have to sort one or the other toy out, so that only functionally perfect products arrive at your home. For example, those that are not airtight or have rough areas in the mucosal contact area are sorted out. If we find a small particle inclusion or if a seam shows through, we turn a blind eye.

Questions about quality? Write to us !

Qualitätskontrolle Porzellan-Dildos.jpg


Each of these manual work steps makes the product unique. Each individual piece is therefore a documentation of its manufacturing history and if you look carefully, you can discover these friendly traces. Beauty is not found in artificial perfection, but in authenticity.

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