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    How does love feel? What do elderflowers smell like? How exactly does cocoa taste? Describing sensory impressions is not that easy. That's why we're happy to share a few customer experiences and stories with you.

    "I have to admit that I didn't quite know what the point of using porcelain as a sextoy was before, but I felt it now.

    My partner even took over later and I have to say - that was great!"


    *Names changed

    Mira* and her partner testing Gia

    Sandro brought an anal plug for his current date. His younger companion will wear the special accessory to dinner at this chic restaurant...


    Sandro and Dominik playing with Avo

    Jenny and Lena dedicate a lot of time to their intimacy.
    They like to surprise each other with their choice of toys. Sometimes a dildo is used, sometimes a love ball is discovered during foreplay. For Lena it's a bit like with her lingerie: first a secret all to herself and then the expectation of Jenny's reaction.

    Lesbian couple with gia freckles.jpg

    Jenny & Lena with Gia and Lai

    "Due to my many projects, I have to schedule my me-time out. At new moon and full moon I try to give myself a little more time than usual to take care of myself intensively. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I take a long bath with lots of foam in the candlelight. The dildo is always ready to hand and is then also directly at the right temperature in the water. G-zone interests me less,
    I'm more into team length & size!"

    woman bathing.jpg

    *Names changed

    Emilia* uses Zel in Solo



    “Good design is
    if it awakens desire  – and then does what it’s supposed to do.”
    [Alina Eynck, 2021]


    Good design means much more than just "making it beautiful". In our product development process, we analyze the diverse requirements of the object, i.e. what exactly it should "do" and "not do". Design brings the individual aspects together. It does not only mediate between the individual requirements, but also between you and the object. By supporting you, explaining itself and encouraging interaction.


    Zeichnung Porzellandildo Gia(4).png
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