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Curious questions and their answers


Won't that break?

Breakage only occurs when the product hits hard objects or surfaces. When used as intended, the toy comes into contact with the soft skin, so that it cannot break in the body. Ceramics are very hard materials and, in combination with the right shape and wall thickness, have a high breaking strength. Even with the greatest muscular effort, the product cannot break.

But isn't that cold?

Ceramic conducts heat. This means that the material initially feels cooler on the skin than less thermally conductive materials, which can have a tense effect. A second effect: the material heats up quickly when it comes into contact with the skin. The toys can also be heated or cooled. The temperature can be easily adjusted with warm or cold water, briefly in the refrigerator or on the heater, with compresses, the hot water bottle or the grain pillow.

Are all individually tested?

The products are individually made by hand and are subject to general quality assurance during the process. There is a user group for functional testing as part of product development, with whose feedback the product range was optimized.

Why isn't the base shiny?

Das liegt an der Natur der Glasur. Die glänzende Schicht wird bei der großen Hitze im Ofen weich und klebt sich an alles, was mit ihr in Kontakt kommt. Damit die Produkte nicht am Ofenboden kleben bleiben und wir keine schädlichen Lacke im Nachhinein verwenden wollen, bleibt die Standfläche unglasiert. Du interessierst Dich für die Details der Herstellung? Schau in unseren Story-Bereich rein!


Which lubes can I use?

Porcelain sex toys are compatible with all common lubricants. Due to the slippery glaze, it can become very slippery.

How do I clean my sex toys?

A little water and a little soap is enough to clean. Be careful as the products can easily slip out of your hand. Common toy cleaners are also compatible with the material. Do not boil or freeze.

How do I use my product?

The porcelain dildos “Gia” and “Zel” are designed for vaginal use. You can grip them in different ways, such as between your fingers. When inserting, make sure there is enough moisture to achieve a comfortable feeling. When it comes to movement, you can individually see what feels best. The “Lai” love ball is used for vaginal stimulation and pelvic floor training. The product can be inserted into the troughs and removed again. Start with a few minutes and later increase the wearing/playing time. “Avo” is safe for anal use because the shape includes a stop element. To insert it, use a little lubricant on the tip and take your time playing. Please do not insert beyond the stopper as the product may be difficult to remove.

What do I have to consider when doing pelvic floor training?

Training is not necessarily about building great strength. People who are tense in particular benefit from mindful play with balls. This is about feeling and relaxing, increasing your sensitivity and practicing “absorbing”. Of course, the ball can also be used for active vaginal training or play by controlling the various muscles of the pelvic floor. Stimulation also occurs through passive wearing. Due to the individual situation, it is recommended to start with a few minutes of wearing time and increase if necessary. If you are unsure, ask a physiotherapist or medical professional for advice.

Is my product waterproof?

To answer it simply: Yes! So don't worry about cleaning, warming up or cooling down. Or how about a nice bubble bath?

Why isn't my product perfect?

It is important to us to get the best performance from the products. To do this, we push the limits of porcelain production and are happy to accept greater effort and more manual work steps. For example, we don't want to close the products with plastic plugs, which is why we work on the bottom by hand and close it, which is sometimes more or less visible. Through each of the many steps, the product becomes more and more unique. Each individual piece is therefore a documentation of its manufacturing history and if you look carefully, you can discover these pleasant traces. You can find out more about porcelain production on the “Story” page.

Mein Produkt


Is there discreet shipping?

We ship discreetly. The sender of the package is “Majursa UG (haftungsbeschränkt)”. The content is not made externally visible through images or similar.

Minimum order value, delivery costs, delivery area, shipping time?

There is no minimum order value and delivery costs are charged at a flat rate depending on the country. To Germany our package will take between 3 and 5 business days to arrive, to other european countries up to 14 days.

What payment methods are available?

Du kannst mit Kreditkarte, Sofort oder PayPal bezahlen. Dein entsprechendes Konto wird dabei direkt nach der Bestellung belastet. Bitte bewahre Deinen Kaufbelegt gut auf, denn im Garantiefall gilt er als Nachweis. Deine bevorzugte Zahlungsart steht nicht zur Verfügung? Sag uns gern Bescheid!

How do I return my order?

Our products are carefully handcrafted and are subject to a multi-stage quality check. If there is still a defect, please contact our service department ( with proof of purchase, a description and photos if necessary. We will check your request and refund the corresponding invoice amount as required by law. If you notice any damage to the outer packaging when you receive the parcel, please document it so that any subsequent defects can be clarified by the shipping service provider. It is of course possible to return an unopened product within the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days. Please note: For reasons of hygiene, your product can no longer be exchanged once the hygiene seal has been opened. You can find out more about the right of withdrawal in our cancellation policy.

How about the guarantee?

Die Gewährleistungsfrist endet nach 2 Jahren. Bitte verwende dein Produkt nur wie angegeben und beachte die weiteren Hinweise zur Nutzung im Shop und in dem mitgelieferten Manual, da andernfalls kein Anspruch aus resultierenden Defekten entsteht. Sollte ein Defekt vorliegen, wende Dich umgehend mit Kaufbeleg, einer Beschreibung und ggf. Fotos an unseren Service. Wir prüfen Dein Anliegen und kümmern uns darum.

How can I delete my data?

Die Cookies kannst Du manuell im Browser löschen. Möchtest Du den angemeldeten Newsletter wieder abbestellen, findest du einen Link in der letzten Mail. Wenn Du Dein Kundenkonto löschen möchtest, wende Dich bitte an info[at]

Can I buy a giftcard?

In the shop you will find the option to order a digital voucher card with a personal message. Delivery time on the ship date is the time of purchase in UTC. The voucher will be sent to the email address provided a little earlier than the time at which you place the order. You can also send it to yourself to print the gift card. After completing the payment process, you will receive an email confirmation of the purchase. Please keep these safe.

How can I delete my data?

You can find personal advice in the local stores. Check out our store finder!

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